Terms & Conditions

1) Payment in full is required upon delivery of the container unless prior arrangements have been made.

2) We make every effort to place and handle the container in a safe manner. We WILL NOT accept responsibility for incidental damage to surfaces or property. This includes ruts in the yard, cracked or broken concrete, etc.

3) You are not allowed to move our containers once we have set them. If you need them moved, please call us.

4) We DO NOT recommend placement of containers in the street. If you insist on street placement, you will accept all responsibility for such placement, and any permits & requirements by your city.

5) Customer accepts full responsibility for any accidents, personal injury or damages to container.

6) No hazardous materials allowed, including asbestos.

7) No paint and no other liquids of any sort. No food or dead animals. Normal size tires $7.00, larger tires $10.00.

8) Filling the container with dirt, rock, brick or concrete can either go in the 12yd container 1 foot from the top, or the 20yd half full. We are only allowed to haul 8-9 cubic yard of that material.

Absolutely NO dirt, rock, brick, or concrete in the 30yd or wooden bins!

9) If the container is overloaded, we will, at our discretion, charge extra for hauling the container OR ask that the overloaded materials be removed from the container. It is illegal and we will not accept or move containers loaded above the top rail.

10) Minimum overload fee or dry run on a container that can’t be hauled is approximately a $50.00 fee, depending on your location.

11) Minimum fee for a cancelled delivery is $50.00

12) Bad check fee is $35.00

13) The minimum debt collection fee is $75 per invoice for balances older than 60 days. Higher fees will be assessed to cover extraordinary costs of collecting bad debts.

14) After (10) days of no activity on a container there will a $5 per day charge.

15) We reserve the right to charge credit card for overloaded bin or other charges as related to moving or dumping bin.

16) We reserve the right to pick up the bin after the due date at our discretion, without notice.

17) We reserve the right to charge the credit card for any dailies and or any outstanding balances owed upon the due date of our monthly statement.

18) All transactions must be made through the office (pick up, exchanges, etc.) Drivers will not be responsible for any pick up, exchanges, etc. You must call the office @ 918-317-7777

19) No 3rd party , contact, repairing or smashing contents of our bins. Additional charges will be added if applicable.

Customer has read and agrees to the Terms & Conditions listed above. Customer consents to the filing of any legal action related to collection of payment for services rendered. Customer agrees to pay fees and costs to remedy overloaded containers and prohibited items.